Volume 14 Number 11/12 November/December 2013

HTB NovDec2013 coverFor the last issue of HTB for 2013, we lead with a report about paediatric TB care from the 44th Lung Conference held in Paris.

And reports from the recent EACS conference in Brussels include promising data on new antiretrovirals, including on dolutegravir, which this month received a positive opinion for EU approval.

As we highlighted in the last issue of HTB when reporting US approval (where dolutegravir is ten times more expensive than gold), the price set in the UK will determine whether this promising new drug becomes a focus for treatment access issues here.

Globally, treatment access news includes optimistic reports that many governments, including the UK and the US, will increase their financial support of the Global Fund for 2014-2016.  It also includes a more sobering snapshot of treatment access in South Africa, where ARV stockouts remain routine in this country with over two million people on treatment.

As is customary at this time of year, we would like to thank our readers, contributors and supporters for your encouragement and help through the year and to close with the best seasonal wishes for happy and peaceful holidays over the New Year.

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