Other selected talks at BHIVA Autumn 2018

Simon Collins, HIV i-Base

There were of course many other important talks at the meeting and the following are just a few where slides are available online.

Other selected talks included Paul Holmes on HIV dementia [1] and Shimu Khamlichi on psychological management [2] with invited lectures on HIV and ageing by Caroline Sabin [3] and the gut microbiome by Caroline Le Roy [4].

The community session at the conference was on the future of local clinical and community services, many of which are being cut due to lack of secure funding.

This discussion included a comment by Yusef Azad from NAT that an early result from the current PHE Positive Voices survey is a significant drop in HIV positive people accessing support services over the previous 12 months. This has more than halved from 35% to 14% in the two years since the previous survey, without any evidence that need for these services has fallen.


  1. Holmes P. Dementia diagnosis and classification, when to lumbar puncture and what to send. BHIVA Autumn conference, 4-5 October 2018. (PDF)
  2. Khamlichi S. Psychological management: practical approaches to intervention and support. BHIVA Autumn conference, 4-5 October 2018. (PDF)
  3. Sabin C. Dispelling the myths around HIV and ageing and changing the causes of mortality. BHIVA invited lecture 3. BHIVA Autumn conference, 4-5 October 2018. (PDF)
  4. Le Roy C. The gut microbiome, BHIVA invited lecture 4. BHIVA Autumn conference, 4-5 October 2018. (PDF)

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