12 December 2018: vol 19 no 18: Final issue of 2018

This last slim issue of HTB this year includes final reports from recent conferences, including HIVR4P and Glasgow 2018.

We also report that doravirine and the FDC with TDF and 3TC has now been approved by the EU.

The Liverpool University drug interaction site provides an update on their latest resources and Richard Jefferys has produced an excellent new report on community guidelines for research studies that include a treatment interruption. The IAS statement on Tanzania shows how unacceptable discrimination continues in many countries and the importance of international solidarity. 

And the CHIVA 2018 video is essential viewing – simple, powerful, poetic – developed from real-life experiences of growing up HIV positive.

We hope that the move this year to produce 18 issues of HTB has also been useful – compiling issues roughly every three weeks from articles that we post online in real time.

Although, as with all i-Base services, HTB is available free to all subscribers, donations are always welcomed. Funding continues to be a priority that is becoming more difficult and your donations to the i-Base funding appeal roots us as a community project.

We would also thank all readers, contributors and funders for your support this year – and hope that the upcoming holidays and year ahead will be happy, peaceful and successful.

The uncertain political backdrop this year directly affected our common goals for better healthcare and this is likely to continue into the future. This will make 2019 a year when good strategies to support each other remain essential.

Links to other websites are current at date of posting but not maintained.