Upcoming 10th IAS Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2019)

21-24 July 2019, Mexico City

Simon Collins, HIV i-Base

The 10th IAS Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2019) will take place in Mexico City from 21 – 24 July 2019.

This meeting is the smaller of the conferences organised by the International AIDS Society, alternating every other year with the larger World AIDS Conferences, and it has a greater emphasis on science.

This conference will be the focus for the most important advances in basic and clinical science relating to HIV treatment and prevention and will include policy and implementational practice. 

The meeting is expected to attract 6,000 participants from more than 140 countries. 

A limited programme is already posted to the conference. This will include titles of oral presentations, sessions and speakers, but without the study abstract or further details which remain embargoed until they are presented.

Early i-Base reports will be posted online at this page:

The article in this issue of HTB is:

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