HTB no 12 – plus: HIV and COVID-19 bulletin no 9 (11 November 2020)

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HTB 12 and HIV and COVID-19 no 9 – (11 November 2020)

This issue includes reports from three medical conferences plus the new statistics from Public Health England showing that HIV infections continued to fall during 2019. Also, that cabotegravir LA/rilpivirine LA injections will be approved in the EU. Coverage of COVID-19 includes the already widely known news about the early efficacy results of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine and less optimistic results from using monoclonal antibodies or convalescent plasma as treatment.

Previous issues

HTB and HIV and COVID-19 no 8 – (14 October 2020)

Another double issue (September and October) combines HTB reports from HIV Glasgow 2020 with the supplement on COVID-19. HIV news includes pipeline drugs, weight gain, PEP guidelines and cure research. COVID-19 news includes new studies on HIV coinfection, tocilizumab, reinfections plus other news.

HTB and HIV and COVID-19 no 7 – (28 August 2020)

Double issue combines HTB reports from AIDS 2020 with the supplement on COVID-19. HIV news includes weight gain and integrase inhibitors, FDA and EMA announcements, video links and concern over proposal to end Public Health England (PHE). COVID-19 news includes two UK studies on HIV coinfection, treatment updates on tocilizumab and famotidine, plus vaccine news.

HTB and HIV and COVID-19 no 6 – (22 July 2020)

This extended issue – 40 pages – combines HTB which has first reports from the AIDS 2020 conference with the supplement on COVID-19. Important COVID-19 news includes more studies on HIV coinfection and COVID-19.

HIV and COVID-19 no 5 – (26 June 2020)

HIV and COVID-19 coinfections including data from South Africa, dexamethasone effective in advanced COVID-19, hydroxycholoquine not effective in UK RECOVERY study, plus updates on remdesivir and other treatments…

HIV and COVID-19 no 4– (1 June 2020)

HIV and COVID-19 coinfections, UK access to remdesivir, convalescent plasma, interferon, famotidine, tocilizumab, concern with hydroxychloroquine, UK research plus more…

HIV and COVID-19 no 3 – (14 May 2020)

Latest issue includes news on latest treatments, including US approval of remdesivir, plus tentative results with other drugs that reduce immune inflammation – perhaps just as essential to use as antivirals.

HIV and COVID-19: no 2 – (17 April 2020)

The second supplement of HTB with more than 30 COVID-19 reports.

HIV and COVID-2019: no 1 – (27 March 2020)

This 20-page HTB supplement compiles links to articles and resources about COVID-19 including information for managing the care of HIV positive people. It includes short reviews of key studies and early guidelines.

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