IAS review on HIV cure research: A global scientific strategy to cure HIV (2021)

World AIDS Day 2021 includes a new focus on finding a cure for HIV.

This is helped by a new review on cure research published by the International AIDS Society. [1]

The report, published in the medical journal Nature Medicine summarises scientific advances from 170 new studies over the past five years. And it also sets a Global Scientific Strategy for the next five years.

As the report is quite technical, i-Base produced a Q&A summary in everyday language for general readers. This will be easier for most people living with HIV. [2]

A lay summary for journalists was also produced by IAS. [3]


  1. Global Scientific Strategy (2021). Nature Medicine (1 December 2021). DOI: 10.1038/s41591-021-01590-5.
  2. IAS strategy for an HIV cure (2021): an easy-to-read Q&A
  3. Summary for medical journalists. Also in French, Portuguese and Spanish.

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