Detention and removal of HIV-positive people in the UK

In June 2009,  BHIVA launched  a new resource, produced with National AIDS Trust, called  ‘Detention, Removal and People Living with HIV’.

This resource provides best  clinical  practice guidance to support high-quality care for detainees living with HIV in Immigration Removal Centres (IRCs). The booklet, attached, was developed in collaboration with IRC healthcare managers, GUM clinicians that work with local IRCs and community organisations  that work with detainees.

The booklet is a useful resource for anyone supporting the HIV treatment, care and support needs of detainees while in detention and during the removal process. In producing this resource, NAT and BHIVA state that they are not endorsing the policies of detention or removal of HIV positive asylum seekers from the UK. Instead they are aiming to ensure that when detention or removal does occur, the needs of detainees are taken fully into account and the best possible care is provided.

NAT continues to oppose the removal of HIV positive asylum seekers to countries where HIV treatment is not accessible.

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