Volume 7 Number 7/8 July/August 2006

This issue of HTB features reports from the XV International Drug Resistance workshop, held from 13-17 June in Sitges, Spain.

We have focused on reports from this meeting that have clinical relevance together with implications of resistance in both developed and resource limited settings.

This month the FDA made several important new drug approvals. Darunavir (formerly TMC-114) is a protease inhibitor that is an essential addition to choice of treatments for patients with resistance to existing drugs. Atripla is the first once-daily, one pill combinations: a coformulation of efavirenz, tenofovir and FTC, and is the reult of a collaborative between three companies.

Other FDA approvals include four new formulations of generic antiretrovirals manufactures by Indian companies for use in the worlds poorest countries. We have included in this issue a table of more than 20 currently FDA approved generic ARVs.

Notably absent from the list are protease inhibitors or many other important drugs suitable for second-line treatments.

The issue of access to drugs for second-line therapy is highlighted in a press release from the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC) relating to a meeting between community advocates and companies who have developed key drugs.

Finally, we apologise for the slightly later schedule of this summer double-issue of HTB. Our next issue in September will have much to report, both on treatment and access, following the International AIDS Conference being held in Toronto at the end of August.

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