Draft BHIVA treatment guidelines online for comment

The working draft of the 2008 BHIVA Guidelines have been posted online for comment.

The draft has been revised to incorporate new information from peer-reviewed publications and conference abstracts from the last 2 years (including CROI 2008).

These reviews are important and set a minimum standard and guidance for patients, doctors, healthcare workers and commissioners.

Proposed changes include:

  • starting treatment at a higher CD4 count (between 200-350, rather than ‘before dropping below 200’)
  • recommending one preferred first-line regimen: efavirenz/tenofovir/FTC
  • recommending tenofovir/FTC over abacavir/3TC based on results from D:A:D and ACTG 5142.
  • a proposal to consider prescribing treatment based on a country someone may be returned to (in the case of asylum seekers)

This is still a working document, and the final guidelines will be prepared for publication later this year.

The consultation period is open until 16 May 2008.
Comments can be made online and by email

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