6th International Workshop on Adverse Drug Reactions and Lipodystrophy in HIV (IWADRLH) 26-28 October 2004, Washington

Simon Collins, HIV i-Base

Reports from the conference

This annual workshop, largely focused on lipodystrophy and metabolic complications, provides an opportunity to assess research developments over the previous year. It also addresses the implications on clinical practice, and to a more limited extent, the implications for clinical management. From a community perspective, this research is painfully slow, often based on in vitro cell studies and mouse and rat models.

The clinical approach for management of lipodystrophy in not addressed in a comprehensive way, but interesting individual studies, including treatment interventions, are usually included.

The meeting also includes invited lectures from expert in non-HIV related fields that gives useful insight into HIV-related lipids changes.

The areas covered in this report are:

The excellent AEGiS conference abstract library already contains abstracts from this meeting:

Unless stated otherwise, all references are to the Programme and Abstracts from the 6th IWADRLH meeting published in Antiviral Therapy 2004.

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