XIII International HIV Resistance Workshop 8-12 June 2004, Tenerife

Simon Collins, HIV i-Base

This annual resistance meeting is an opportunity for over 200 key researchers to focus on current research into resistance and always provides some of the most interesting and important new data. Community, press and clinician attendance at this meeting is far more restricted than most other meetings.

The breadth of the meeting addressed in vivo research into cellular resistance to HIV replication and viral mutations driven by immune escape, in addition to specific complexities associated with resistance driven by drug pressure. A clear objective of the meeting is to move forward our understanding of the diversity, complexity and relevance of viral evolution and potential areas of future research.

Although there is a strong focus on preclinical and in vitro work, many of these studies have implications for clinical practice. As with HTB reports from previous meetings, this years’ reports will also largely focus on those studies with the most important relevance for current clinical practice.

These are:

The abstracts and programme for this meeting are due to be posted to the conference website. This usually takes a few weeks, but encouragingly most of the full posters also become available online.

Early reports from the meeting, including selected abstracts and some full text studies, are already posted to the NATAP website:

Unless otherwise stated, all references in these reports are to the Abstracts and Programme of the XIII International HIV Resistance Workshop, 8-12 June 2004, Tenerife.

Links to other websites are current at date of posting but not maintained.