Volume 5 Number 5 June 2004

This issue of HTB includes reports from the recent BHIVA meeting in Cardiff.

Data were presented from the BHIVA pregnancy audit and provides a fascinating insight into current practice in this country and will inform the revised BHIVA pregnancy guidelines.

Included as a supplement with this issue of HTB is a report from an international community meeting held ‘to enable HIV-positive people and advocates from the developing world to voice their concerns about drug pricing and esearch practices in their regions to senior executives of the multinational pharmaceutical industry’.

Twenty-seven individuals from 21 countries gathered in San Francisco, California in advance of the annual Retrovirus Conference, the year’s most important scientific conference on HIV, to meet with officials responsible for global marketing and pricing policies at Roche, GlaxoSmith Kline, and Boehringer Ingelheim.

The report contains an edited digest of the discussions and additional copies are available from the website or the i-Base office.

This issue also includes a letter from Dr Sarah Fidler relating to an earlier article on antiretroviral treatment in primary infection. It rightly highlights the newly enrolling Spartac study that will hopefully provide definitive answers to this important area.

We always welcome correspondence related to articles in HTB and will publish these whenever possible.

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