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How do I tell my partner I am positive?

Hi am HIV positive and it was so difficult for me to start a relationship after iv discovered about my status now I meet someone and he wants us to marry me how do I tell him about my status and we’ve been using condoms since we meet?



Even though lots of people ask this, there is no easy answer to your question.

Unless you tell someone right at the start, it is common for a relationship to become more serious and then finding the right way becomes more difficult.

It might help to talk about HIV generally at some point – so you can work out your partners views and whether they are informed and up-to-date or out-of-date and prejudiced.

Then at least you know what you are working with.

You might find he already knows other positive people, that he know treatment means you can lead a long and happy life, and that you can’t transmit HIV – either to him of to your children if you want to have a family.

Your partner might even be HIV positive too.

Perhaps read some of the other answers to questions about disclosure at this link.


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