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Does coronavirus stop me working if I am HIV positive?

Hi, I have been living with HIV for just under 14 years. With this COVID-19 going around and working in a big supermarket I’m doing what the goverment has asked me to do by staying at home. My viral load is undetectable at less than 50 copies and CD4 count is 613 but the CD4 % is at 17%,

I would like to go back work soooner then later to help out everyone that i work with during these very hard time that people find themselves in.

Should i stay off work for 21 days or for the 3 mounths they say it could last fo,


Hi there

Thanks for your question – and it is a really difficult time for everyone now.

Information about COVID-19 is changing every day including what this means for HIV positive people. So the information below is accurate now but might change again in the future.

Although Public Health England first included HIV as a health condition to self-isolate, this has since changed.

Anyone with an undetectable viral load on HIV treatment and a CD4 count above 200 cells/mm3 is considered the same as the general population.This means that you can work if you want to.

It is still very important to follow all recommendations to minimise risk to yourself though.

  • Please make sure you wash your hands frequently and don’t touch your face.
  • Also, because you will be in contact with more people, does your shop limit the number of people who can visit at any one time?
  • Do they make sure there is a good distance between you and them?
  • As a key worker, do they giver you a face mask?


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