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Can HIV+ health workers safely have the COVID-19 vaccine?

Are there any concerns with HIV+ people receiving a COVID-19 vaccination offered in the UK?

I am an NHS patient-facing worker so may be offered vaccination soon, possibly among the first wave of vaccinations.

My CD4 count is good, and I have already caught (and had a positive anitbody test for) COVID. Thanks.



Thanks for your question and for letting us post the answer online.

COVID vaccines are very safe for HIV positive people. If you are a key worker that gets offered the vaccine, this is strongly recommended.

Being HIV positive is also included as a medical reason for getting the vaccine (in priority group 6 and possible also group 4.

The vaccines are also still recommended even if you already had COVID-19.

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Thanks for the services you are providing through your work at this difficult time.

Please also get in touch if you have other questions.


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