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How serious is the third wave of coronavirus in the UK?


For anyone not following the daily news, the highest number of COVID-19 deaths  since April 2020 were reported today.

More than 68,000 people were diagnosed in the last day out of almost 620,000 people tested. This is the highest daily figure.

Overall, 1,325 people died (within 30 days of a positive test). This is the highest since the early epidemic.

As with the general population, HIV positive people should take these figures especially seriously. We are very close to getting vaccines that will protect against COVID-19. Please take care to reduce any risk of catching or transmitting SARS-CoV-2.

This leaked briefing from NHS England predicts that daily rates are likely to continue to increase for the next two weeks.

Vaccine update

So far, roughly 1,300,000 people have had a first vaccine and 20,000 people have received two doses.

Data source

These and other figures are based on official UK data that is updated every day.

However, rates vary in different regions with highest rates reported for London and the South-East.

This interactive map shows rate for each region, including by postcode.

This is one of more than 50 questions about COVID vaccines. It was produced by and for people living with HIV.
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