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Are animal products in the COVID vaccines? Are they Halal? Are they Kosher?


Thanks – the vaccines are safe and recommended if you are Muslim.

  • There are no animal products in the Pfizer, Moderna or Oxford vaccines.
  • There are also no traces of pig products or egg products.
  • These vaccines are all Halal safe.
  • These vaccines are all Kosher.
  • They can be used if you are vegetarian or vegan.

This link is to a two-minute clip from Imam Yunus having the vaccine at Newham Hospital in East London.

VIDEO: Imam Yunus on how the vaccines are safe if you are Muslim.

As chaplain of St Barts, Imam Yunus talks about how the vaccine is safe, effective and Halal.

Please note this video is included as an information resource. It is not directly liked to HIV and i-Base was not involved in producing it.

This is one of more than 60 questions about COVID vaccines. It was produced by and for people living with HIV.
Q&A on COVID vaccines: are they safe and effective?


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