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Does everyone get protection from COVID vaccines?

Hi, does everyone get protected by the vaccines. Does this include HIV positive people. What if I have other health problems?



Although COVID-19 vaccines are highly effective, about 1 in 20 people – about 5% – do not generate strong responses.

So some people are still at risk after having both vaccines. However, the risk of serious outcomes should be much less. Although the risk of symptoms is reduced from about 65% to 95%, the risk of hospitalisation and death can be up to 100%.

Widespread vaccination in the general population will also reduce the risk compared to before there were vaccines.

This is all very good news.

However, some people do not generate strong immune responses, even after two vaccines. This tends to be related to other health conditions. For example, if you are taking drugs that suppress your immune system.

In this case, it is important to still reduce your risk of getting COVID-19.


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