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Do I need a Covid boaster?

Covid booster question. I had two astra shots. I took an antigen test and found that it was low (50) barely protected at all. I then took a Pfizer booster shot in the past two weeks. The nurse having seen documentation from my antigen test proceeded to suggest I take a further booster shot. Meaning I’d have two astra and two prizer shots. Can this be sound advice? I’ve looked all over for Thai I for and found not ouch understanding this is all unfolding slowly in real time.


Thanks for getting in touch.
The antigen tests to diagnose COVID infection are not designed to test vaccine response or efficacy.
The antigens produced after a vaccine are completely different.
Unless you are someone who fits the current category for suboptimal vaccine response, you will have generated both antibody and cellular responses and will be protected.
Risk categories include medical history with suppressed immunity or current medication need immune-suppressing medicines:
– being older than 80
– received a solid organ or bone marrow transplant.
– current chemotherapy.
– Untreated HIV with a CD4 count below 50, maybe 100 etc
The information that your nurse has given you is wrong.


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