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I am undetectable. Should I disclose my status to my partner?

I am HIV positive on ART with suppressed viral load. I have a man who is negative and he wants to marry me yet I don’t want to disclose my status to him. What should I do?


Hi, how are you doing?

You do not need to disclose your status if you do not wish. Telling someone about your status is very personal and you need to be sure it is the right decision for you. Is there a reason why you do not wish to tell him?

As your viral load is suppressed you are not putting him at risk. You are also making sure to keep yourself healthy. Do you know how your partner feels towards HIV?

Talking to friends and family might help you think of what’s best to do. But this is ultimately your decision. Some people find sharing to make their relationship closer. Though this can’t be said for every case.

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