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What is my life expectancy?

My last test CD4 is 654, I’m not on meds.

I am last for years HIV+.

I have no problems.

Please lell me about my life expectancy.



Thanks for your email. I’m glad to hear how well you are doing and that your CD4 count is so strong.

So long as you start treatment before your CD4 count drops below 350 your life expectancy is very good, similar to somebody who is not HIV positive. Treatment is very effective.

There are lots of previous questions about life expectancy here.


  1. Simon Collins

    Hi Thabang

    The three meds in Tribuss let you have some flexibility in the time. Although it is best to try and make this the same time each day, if you are a little early or late sometimes this should not make any difference to your CD4 or viral load.

    This is also because you have been on treatment now for over six months.

    When starting treatment, and until your viral load becomes undetectable, it is best to aim for the same time every day. This still has a flexibility for an hour or so either side to the time.

  2. Thabang

    Im based in South Africa currently 34 weeks pregnant. Been on tribuss since 10 weeks in my pregnancy. I take my meds every nite before I sleep problem is I don’t take it at the same time as I dont go to bed at the same time. Will this affect my cd4 count or my viral load even my unborn child?


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