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I’m on ARVs, what is my life expectancy?


I am on ARVs, my CD4 is 544 and VL is 50.

I am 40 years old and have been HIV positive for 7 years.

What is my life expectancy?



Thanks for your email. Your CD4 count and viral load are both very good showing that treatment is working well for you and that you have a strong immune system.

With treatment life expectancy for HIV positive people is very good, especially with such a good CD4 count. It’s not possible to predict how long any one person will live as there are many factors involved- including health, diet, where you live and so on. But in terms of HIV and the fact you are on treatment with good test results your life expectancy should be similar to that of an HIV negative person.


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi meel,

    Being diagnosed with HIV can be difficult and scary. The main thing to do right now is take some time to digest the news. Slow down. Knowing your status is very important, as you will be able to look after your health. Emotions of shame and anger are normal, they will go with time. And with time, you will learn to accept your HIV positive status. Its important to know that HIV is a very manageable health condition. The treatments that are now available are very effective. People who are positive can also have children, families and relationships. Just like other people. For more on being recently diagnosed, please see the following:


    There are also links to support groups. It will get better.

  2. meel

    i have just tested positive yesterday and my last exposure was just three months back… i don’t know what to do now, feeling am useless am not the person i was yesterday … i have nobody to share this saddest incident with.. am ashamed and scared now…. help me doc…


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