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CD4 count 711, what is my life expectancy?

My last CD4 count was 711 and viral load 1800.

I am not on treatment and have no other health problems, what is my life expectancy?


Lots of things affect life expectancy, such as diet; family history; where you live; whether you smoke and so on. It is therefore very difficult to predict the life expectancy of anybody with accuracy.

So long as you start treatment before your CD4 count drops below 350 your life expectancy is very good, similar to somebody who is not HIV positive. Modern HIV treatment is very effective.

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  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Aaryan,

    Please see the above post and the links that are in it.

    It is however recommended that everyone who is positive is on medication. This is even when a persons CD4 is high. For more info, please see here:


  2. aaryan

    I am living in India, I have no other infection /disease and neither do I smoke nor drink. My CD4 is 652 and viral load 9000. How long will I live if I start my ARVs before my CD4 goes down to 350?


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