QoL – Quality of Life

This page is part of Pocket ART, an easy guide to HIV treatment.

QoL stand for Quality of Life

As ART is hopefully going to keep you alive for a long time. you want to make sure your quality of life is good.

Advice for a healthier lifestyle advice is just as important for HIV positive.

This includes:

  • If you smoke, then cutting down or better still stopping.
  • Keeping physically and mentally active.
  • Having a healthy balance diet.
  • Getting good quality sleep and rest.

This is important at any age, but it is increasingly important as we get older. QoL also include good mental health and for many people having a good sex life.

This guide also includes information about other health concerns including HIV and ageing, HIV heart disease, healthy bones, HIV and cancer, lifestyle factors, diets and exercise and interactions between ART and other drugs.

These links included more detailed information.