UK seroconverters study

The UK Register of HIV seroconverters study is an observational database study of people who are diagnosed with HIV when they are still in very early infection.

This study was set up in 1994 and is ongoing.

Enrolment criteria include evidence of recent HIV infection.

This includes:

  • An HIV positive antibody test within 12 months of a previous negative test.
  • HIV antibody negative with positive viral load.
  • An HIV test indicating recent infection (see RITA/STARHS for recent infection).
  • Symptoms of HIV seroconversion supported by HIV test results.

This is a prospective observational study. This means that information is collected over time and entered into a database.

The information on how HIV progresses and your responses to treatment are anonymised so that your personal information is protected. This important study tells us about the natural history of HIV and how well treatment is working on a population level.

You can participant in this study from any HIV centre in the UK. There are no additional clinical visits or interventions. You simply consent to your anonymised data being routinely included.

Current status: Ongoing; still recruiting.

This study is being run by the UK Medical Research Council (MRC).

UK seroconverters study information on the MRC website

For further details please contact: UKregister@ctu.mrc.ac.uk