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I missed my meds for 8 days, will I be ok?

I have missed my pills for 8 days. My viraload is undetectable. What are the risks for missing my pills?


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Though there is some research that shows that you can take meds less often. So, not on a daily basis. Please see the following:


Missing meds for 8 days however is not recommend. This is because resistance may start to happen. Your CD4 may also begin to drop and your viral load increase.

Is there any specific reason why you missed taking meds for 8 days? Has this happened before?


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Victor,

    Please see the following:


  2. Victor

    I took PEP the one we get from a local clinic two times in different months to not get infected becasue of condoms problems. It worked, but my question is, if I take tribuss after a few weeks of a risky sexual exposure would it work?


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