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Can I use an immune booster or do I need to change treatment?

I used ARVs (ART) in late pregnancy and my baby is negative

Taking a double-dose of ART when pregnant plus other sores…

How should I take dolutegravir and lamivudine?

What if I think I took a double dose of my HIV meds?

What is risk of passing on HIV if someone is undetectable?

Can I eat after taking Atroiza? (with efavirenz)

I’m missed taking some of my meds, will I be OK?

I’ve missed my meds for 5 days, can I restart?

If I took my meds late when do I take the next dose?

Can I take Descovy once instead of my usual HIV meds?

How do I manage the next ten days without one of my meds?

Is it OK to take ARVs twice?

Remédios ausentes durante a amamentação (missing meds when breastfeeding)

What does a non-detectable viral load mean?

Is it OK to take ARVs an hour or so later than your usual time?

I missed a dose, will I be OK?

I’ve missed my meds, what should I do?

I missed two days of meds, is this OK?

Can I take Odimune at night?

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