Q and A


What happens if I miss TLD for a month?

Can I change the time of my medication from 9pm to 11am?

Is injectable ART available in the UK?

Is is okay to take meds at 6.40 am without eating?

I didn’t double dose for on-demand PrEP…

Will I stay undetectable if I stop taking meds?

Will I test negative after starting treatment?

Can I be an hour either side of my normal meds time?

When should I take my meds?

Is life expectancy reduced by starting at a lower CD4 count?

Will I need to change when I take PEP?

Can I take Odimune in the evening?

Can I alternate between HIV medication?

Have I done on-demand PrEP right?

Can I restart medication after 6 years?

Should I postpone a romantic evening after missing my medication?

Will missing ARVs for 5 days risk my undetectable status?

How can I access ART in the UK?

Will ARVs still work if I have not used them for a while?

My husband is not on ART. Will my baby get HIV?

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