Q and A


I took the morning dose of Paxlovid in the evening.

Can I start my medication again?

Will my viral load go back up?

Will I be an Elite Controller forever?

My ARVs expired last month…

I have missed 5 days of Biktarvy…

My baby vomits after taking nevirapine.

I think my husband is skipping his meds…

Does U=U only apply to sex?

Why is my CD4 count and viral load healthy when I am not on medication?

Can I pass on HIV when my viral load is less than 30?

What happens if I miss my HIV treatment for a week?

I have missed 2 pills.

Is increased urinary frequency a side effect of PEP?

How do I change the time of my meds between Myanmar and UK.

Will missing 2 doses effect me?

Do I need PEP if I was later with on-demand PrEP?

Will my HIV treatment prevent superinfection?

I want to use condoms sex with my husband because I worry about drug resistance

When am I meant to take ART?

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