Q and A


My viral load has increased to 750copies ml will it decrease?

Is it OK to skip taking ARVs?

My viral load is undetectable, will it rebound?

I’ve forgot to take my meds, when should I take my next one?

What if I am 10 minutes late with my meds?

Do ARVs need to be taken with food?

How should the drug Aluvia be taken?

I’ve missed taking meds for 8 days, is this OK?

I’m having side effects, should I quit my meds?

When will my viral load become undetectable?

Why has my viral load increased?

I’ve missed taking my meds for 5 days, what should I do now?

What are the pills marked with M171 and D100?

I’ve left my meds at home, what should I do?

Do you need to take ARVs when you’re pregnant?

How long Biktarvy stays in the body after missed doses?

I was late with my meds, what should I do?

I took my meds early, will this be an issue?

I forgot to take my meds, is this OK?

I’ve been off meds for nearly 3 years, can I restart?

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