Q and A

Changing treatment

My CD4 is low, how can I increase it?

Can you change from Triumeq to dolutegravir?

Can I use an immune booster or do I need to change treatment?

My CD4 count is 7 – what can I do to improve it?

What causes virus to increase although you use ARVs?

I’ve been on ARVs since 2005 but my legs are thin?

Should I just put up with feeling dizzy on efavirenz?

What does a CD4 count of 106 mean?

Is it normal for a viral load to rebound?

What is the difference between Tribuss and Telatri?

Can I switch to Biktarvy if I have both HIV and hepatitis B?

Can I switch to Biktarvy if I have HepB coinfection?

Do you need to take Bactrim if your CD4 is 450?

Is it too late for me to restart ART?

Is TLD a good combination?

Are Atrozia and Luvigen the same thing?

Can you change ARVs when pregnant?

Is it OK to take Volutrip in the morning?

What is the difference between TLD, Tribuss and Aluvia+Zovilam?

Can dolutegravir add to anxiety?

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