Q and A

Changing treatment

Can I use Atroiza and Tenolam?

Can I use lamivduine as PEP?

Can I change the time of my medication?

Switching between TDF and TAF for PEP.

Can I switch between Atripla and Acriptega?

Is Reydin safe to use while pregnant?

I am undetectable. When can I stop taking Bactrim?

Does my HIV medicine cause kidney problems?

Will changing from Atrozia to Lavern change my undetectable status?

Do I have to change from Atrozia to TLD?

My CD4 is low, how can I increase it?

Can you change from Triumeq to dolutegravir?

Can I use an immune booster or do I need to change treatment?

My CD4 count is 7 – what can I do to improve it?

What causes virus to increase although you use ARVs?

I’ve been on ARVs since 2005 but my legs are thin?

Should I just put up with feeling dizzy on efavirenz?

What does a CD4 count of 106 mean?

Is it normal for a viral load to rebound?

What is the difference between Tribuss and Telatri?

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