Q and A

Changing treatment

Can I get the shingles vaccine?

Is TLE suitable in pregnancy?

Can switching treatment cause the flu?

Apprehensions about switching to Biktarvy…

What is the difference between Odimune and Reydin?

Do Luvigen and Reydin work the same?

What happens if I miss TLD for a month?

Can I stay on my current medication?

Will Volutrip harm my baby?

Is injectable ART available in the UK?

I have been changed from Atroiza to TLD…

My drug is labelled ‘LA75’…

When should I take my meds?

Can I alternate between HIV medication?

How can I extend my trip without my current medication?

My viral load is now 1162 after switching treatment.

Switching from Aluvia to dolutegravir…

Will changing from TLE to TLD effect my viral load?

Switching from Symtuza to Delstrigo.

Is my CD4 count too high?

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