Q and A

Changing treatment

My viral load is now 1162 after switching treatment.

Switching from Aluvia to dolutegravir…

Will changing from TLE to TLD effect my viral load?

Switching from Symtuza to Delstrigo.

Is my CD4 count too high?

Why do I have insomnia after switching from Volutrip to Ranega?

What is the difference between Atroiza and Rizene?

What is the difference between Reydin and Telatri?

When can I take my new pills?

Can I access ART injectable in Wales moving from India?

Should I worried about this viral load on efavirenz and Dumiva?

My new meds need to be taken in the morning and not at night?

Do Atroiza to Luvigen both do the same thing?

Can I go back to Trenvir (efavirenz-based ART) in Reydin (dolutegravir-based) is difficult?

My clinic changed Atroiza¬†to Luvigen without telling me…

When will injectable ART be available on the NHS?

What is the difference between Delstrigo and Symtuza?

Peripheral neuropathy from taking D4T (stavudine).

Can I switch from Luvigen to Acriptega?

Switched from TLE to TLD. Now I feel worse.

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