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Changing treatment

Having kids: changing from efavirenz to dolutegravir

Should I worry about CD4 changes at a high level?

Is there a difference between Atripla, Odimune, Rizene and Tribuss etc

I’d like to go back to my old regime, is this possible?

I’m having side effects, should I quit my meds?

Lipid changes after switching from TDF to TAF…

My viral load has risen, what can I do?

Is it okay to change from Kivexa to Descovy?

Why is Tribuss making me feel so drowsy?

I’m having issues with my medication, what can I do?

Is dolutegravir/lamivudine single pill (Dovato) available in the UK yet?

Can I change from Atripla to Tribuss?

If I take Biktarvy will it cause facial wasting?

Are people in the UK able to switch to Biktarvy?

Are Odimune and Atenef the same thing?

I’m resistant to my meds, what should I do?

What are the options to treat a multidrug resistant baby? Perhaps ibalizumab?

High viral load after treatment break…

Switching meds when undetectable…

I’d like to take my meds at a different time, is this OK?

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