Q and A

Changing treatment

Switching from Aluiva and Dumiva to Acriptega…

Do I need to be on contraception?

Will switching treatment help me lose weight?

Is being HIV positive why I have hepatic steatosis?

Are there benefits to switching to TLD?

I have been living with HIV for 10 years…

When and what Log values determines when to switch to 2nd line?

I have been given Kocitaf for PEP?

Should I switch treatment due to declining kidney function?

What can I used instead of Acriptega to protect my kidneys?

Why is my CD4 count fluctuating?

Should I switch to Dovato?

Are Aluvia and Ranega the same medication?

Can I switch back from Biktarvy to TLD?

Has starting treatment caused problems with sleep?

Has switching treatments caused my body to change?

When should I take Mytelga?

Tenofovir DF vs Tenofovir AF

Are there benefits for switching from TDF to TAF?

Can I switch from Aluiva and TDF to Luvigen?

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