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HIV reinfection (superinfection)

I am taking ARVs and undetectable. Is there risk having sex with someone HIV positive not on treatment?

Am I and my baby safe if I am on medication and my partner isn’t?

Can I be reinfected while I am taking Biktarvy?

Can I have sex with my partner who is HIV positive?

My CD4 count has dropped while having unprotected sex with my partner.

How long can I live with HIV?

What are the chances of reinfection when you’re on ART?

My viral load is undetectable can I be reinfected?

Am I at risk from resistance if my partner is not yet on meds?

Is there is risk of reinfection if I am on treatment?

Is reinfection a risk if two HIV positive people are undetectable?

Is HIV reinfection a myth?

Both my partner and I are positive, though he’s not on meds, do we need condoms?

My husband sleeps around and he isn’t on medication, am I at risk?

Can I reinfect my partner if I am not on meds?

With PrEP drugs in my HIV combination protect me from reinfection?

Featured Has my question already been answered?

If I have unprotected sex with other HIV positive people will I get resistance?

What is the risk for two HIV positive people without condoms?

How can a couple who are both positive have a child?

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