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Am I and my baby safe if I am on medication and my partner isn’t?

Hi am HIV positive and I am on ARTs. I am breastfeeding and my partner does not take medication, we are not using protection. Is our baby going to be infected? My viral load is lower than detectable.


Hi, how are you?

Congratulations on having a baby.

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While you are taking ARTs both you and baby are safe. However if your partner even occasionally takes the same medication as you there is a risk of them developing resistance and then reinfection of yourself with a resistant strain.

If they are not taking medication at all there is no risk of this. This is because your own medication will work as PrEP and prevent a reinfection.

Is there a reason your partner is not taking medication. ART is the best way to keep both yourself and the people around you safe.



  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Nonjabulo, no these are not signs of HIV. How long have you been able to feel baby’s lymph nodes for and how long has baby had no appetite?

  2. Nonjabulo

    Are lymph node behind ears and loss of apetite signs of hiv in babies?

  3. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Nonjabulo, if your partner is refusing to accept or take treatment, you need to make sure you are protecting yourself. Taking your own medication daily will work as PrEP from your partners HIV and keep you safe. While you are undetectable there is no risk of passing on your HIV to your partner, nor can he pass it on to you.

    Is there a reason he is refusing protection? Has your partner been able to talk to anyone about HIV to listen to other people?

  4. Nonjabulo

    He believes he does not have this disease that why he refuse to go to the clinic but I have talk to him and he refused…what can I do because he doesn’t want to use protection?what if he does go to the clinic and take his medication what going to happen to both of us if we not using protection?


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