Q and A

HIV transmission

Can a breastfeeding child become HIV positive?

Can baby have breastmilk and cereals?

Is my unborn baby safe?

Can I have sex with my partner without a condom?

Have I risked transmitting HIV to my child?

Can I live with my partner if I am HIV positive?

Is it possible to sleep with someone HIV positive and not get HIV?

Can I pass on HIV with a viral load of 730?

Should I be worried that my viral load is below 20?

My wife is HIV positive…

Do I need to stop my marriage?

Am I at risk of further exposure if I am on PEP?

Can I have a baby without passing on HIV to my wife?

Is my baby going to test positive?

I am waiting for my babies test results…

I slept with someone while on PEP…

Is my child at risk? They have symptoms of oral thrush?

My CD4 count is 220. Can I transmit HIV?

Can I have sex while on PEP?

I switched PEP…

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