Q and A

HIV transmission

Is my parter at risk when I have a viral load of 70?

Is it possible that I can get HIV when my girlfriend is on her medication?

I missed 2 days of treatment. Can I pass on HIV?

Can I pass on HIV with a viral load of 200?

Can I switch back to exclusive breastfeeding?

Can I switch back to exclusively breastfeeding?

Should I still give baby nevirapine if formula feeding?

Is my baby safe after testing negative at 4 months?

Is Telatri treatment or PrEP?

Why am I HIV negative and my partner is HIV positive?

Can I marry my girlfriend if she is HIV positive?

Is U=U real?

My partner just rexted HIV during pregnancy?

Can HIV be transmitted during medical abortion?

Have I passed on HIV because I was late with my treatment?

Is baby at risk if I am mixed feeding?

Is there transmission risk to my baby?

I am pregnant and undetectable?

Will my baby be positive?

Can I pass on HIV if I have been on treatment for 5 months?

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