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HIV transmission

Risk of transmission, high BP and other side effects…

Should I start PrEP if I am not yet sexually active?

Why this Q&A service does not answer questions on HIV testing and transmission?

What is risk of passing on HIV if someone is undetectable?

Questions about formula milk in South Africa and PCR results?

Can I have a negative baby?

How long will it take for my viral load to become undetectable?

How can I have sex with my HIV positive girlfriend?

Was my partner at risk?

My viral load is undetectable, is there a risk if I have sex without a condom?

Do ARVs reduce the risk of transmission to babies?

Can a negative person have kids with a positive person?

Panic over HIV with zero risk, wrong use of PEP, offensive responses…

Recently diagnosed – why didn’t the clinic tell me about my husband?

What does undetectable viral load mean?

Does undetectable mean that someone is not infectious?

Can positive people had kids with negative people?

My partners on medication, am I at risk?

Is PEP effective after 72hrs of exposure?

My viral load is undetectable, can I still transmit?

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