Q and A

HIV transmission

Can a low CD4 count define a late diagnosis?

Do I need to use condoms if I am on PrEP?

My baby has a cough. Does this mean they have HIV?

Can HIV be transmitted if my viral load is 250?

I can’t access treatment for a few weeks and i’m pregnant…

I switched to formula. Is there a risk to my baby?

Is it possible to get re-infected with another strain if I’m on medication?

I was late and had unprotected sex while on PEP.

Why is my partner not positive?

I have unprotected sex with my husband…

Can I have a baby with my HIV positive partner?

Am I at risk if I am taking PrEP?

I tested positive after PEP…

What is seroconversion and what are the symptoms?

I gave baby water and medicine?

Should I have told my partner?

Should I extend my course of PEP?

I had sex on day 30 of PEP…

Do I need PEP if my partner is on treatment?

Does my wife need more testing after 40 days?

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