Q and A

HIV transmission

Can U=U apply before 6 months?

Can baby use formula and breastmilk?

Can I go back to breastfeeding?

Is HIV a risk after non-consensual sex?

Am I protected if my boyfriend’s viral load is 500?

I only just became positive but was also breastfeeding?

Is it too late to prevent transmission to baby?

Will IVF prevent infant transmission?

Featured Has my question already been answered?

Can I have a baby?

Is my partner at risk if I missed my treatment?

Can I have sex without a condom?

How do I prevent transmission to baby?

Does baby already have HIV?

Will 2:1:1 PrEP dosing work?

Can my sister pass on HIV to her partner?

Can my partner be infected if I am on treatment?

Do I need to increase the dose of NVP when baby gains weight?

Will I get superinfection if having condomless sex?

Can I pass on HIV to my partner?

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