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HIV transmission

How can I have sex with my HIV positive girlfriend?

Was my partner at risk?

My viral load is undetectable, is there a risk if I have sex without a condom?

Do ARVs reduce the risk of transmission to babies?

Can a negative person have kids with a positive person?

Panic over HIV with zero risk, wrong use of PEP, offensive responses…

Recently diagnosed – why didn’t the clinic tell me about my husband?

What does undetectable viral load mean?

Does undetectable mean that someone is not infectious?

Why this Q&A service does not answer questions on HIV testing and transmission?

Can positive people had kids with negative people?

My partners on medication, am I at risk?

Is PEP effective after 72hrs of exposure?

My viral load is undetectable, can I still transmit?

Unprotected sex whilst pregnant, is there a risk?

Missed meds and risk to sexual partner….

My HIV+ girlfriend wants to get pregnant but I am scared…

Will viral load blip from meningitis vaccine put my partner at risk?

Question on accuracy of an HIV test?

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