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Stopping treatment

Am I at risk if I have not been on treatment for 10 years?

Featured Has my question already been answered?

Can I stop ART for a few months as my meds were stolen?

What happens if I stop Rizene?

Should I stop taking my PCP prophlaxis if my CD4 count has risen?

How long will I live if I stop taking my medication?

Will PEP be effective if I stop after 18 days?

Do I need to take the full five days of Paxlovid?

Is my baby at risk if I stopped nevirapine at 4 weeks?

My friend has stopped taking her medication. What can I do?

Hi, my cd4 count is 763. Do I still i need to take ART medicine?

What is the point? All I do is create utility bills. I have stopped ART.

I want to stop taking my medication.

Can I stop PEP early?

Can I stop treatment now that I am undetectable?

Can I mix feed after stopping my baby’s nevirapine?

HIV meds have run out in Romania – will I get resistance?

I’m having side effects, should I quit my meds?

Can I stop meds for a week if travelling to Arab Emirates?

What will happen if I stop meds for other health issues?

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