Q and A

Starting treatment

What does a CD4 count of 106 mean?

Diagnosed after an eye test and given Odimune

What is the difference between Tribuss and Telatri?

My parents have just been diagnosed HIV positive

When do you take Rizene?

Is it a problem if you get a rash when you start taking ARVs?

Can I take Odimune at night?

I’d like to start using ARVs, is this possible?

How do you take TLD?

Will I have side effects when I start medication?

What is the difference between TLD, Tribuss and Aluvia+Zovilam?

Are these results on treatment good and what about CD8?

I’ve pregnant, do I need to take ARVs?

Can you take Acriptega in the morning?

Is Atrozia an ARV?

I was diagnosed with shingles and HIV – can I get a second opinion?

Can my CD4 and viral load show when I became HIV positive?

Did my husband only recently became positive with these CD4 and viral load results?

Do I need to take ARVs if I want to have a child?

How quickly does viral load drop on treatment?

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