Q and A

Starting treatment

Is it possible that I can get HIV when my girlfriend is on her medication?

Are my ARVs causing me to still have pain?

I have gained weight in the last month…

Can I start ART without TB medicine?

Starting treatment after 2 years…

What is a positive HIV screening baby test?

Should I stop ART if I have put on so much weight?

I have a wife and family but feel hopeless after learning I have HIV

Do I need to continue taking cotrimoxazole prophylaxis?

Can I use USN Phedracut sliming packs?

How do I increase my CD4 count?

Why have i been given the TB med isoniazid?

Does HIV treatment cure HIV?

How long have I been living with HIV?

When can I take my ART?

Can I keep my status a secret?

I don’t want to start treatment…

Can I take efavirenz at midnight?

Do I need to take ARVs as well as TB meds with a high CD4 count?

Will vaginal sores go away if I start treatment?

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