Q and A

Starting treatment

Is Atenef a good ARV?

Why can’t I sleep properly?

My CD4 count is 7 – what can I do to improve it?

I’m taking Atenef and having side effects, is it ok to take vitamins?

Are Aluvia and Dumiva the same medications?

Can I live six years without treating HIV?

What does a CD4 count of 106 mean?

Diagnosed after an eye test and given Odimune

What is the difference between Tribuss and Telatri?

My parents have just been diagnosed HIV positive

Do I need to take ARVs as well as TB meds with a high CD4 count?

When do you take Rizene?

Is it a problem if you get a rash when you start taking ARVs?

Can I take Odimune at night?

I’d like to start using ARVs, is this possible?

How do you take TLD?

Will I have side effects when I start medication?

What is the difference between TLD, Tribuss and Aluvia+Zovilam?

Are these results on treatment good and what about CD8?

I’ve pregnant, do I need to take ARVs?

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