Q and A

Starting treatment

Is it a problem if you get a rash when you start taking ARVs?

Can I take Odimune at night?

I’d like to start using ARVs, is this possible?

How do you take TLD?

Will I have side effects when I start medication?

What is the difference between TLD, Tribuss and Aluvia+Zovilam?

Are these results on treatment good and what about CD8?

I’ve pregnant, do I need to take ARVs?

Can you take Acriptega in the morning?

Is Atrozia an ARV?

I was diagnosed with shingles and HIV – can I get a second opinion?

Can my CD4 and viral load show when I became HIV positive?

Did my husband only recently became positive with these CD4 and viral load results?

Do I need to take ARVs if I want to have a child?

How quickly does viral load drop on treatment?

Is it normal for VL to drop from 4 million to 200 but then increase again?

Can I take meds for pneumonia when using ARVs?

What are the side effects of ARVs?

I’ve started meds but I haven’t had any side effects, is this OK?

My CD4 has dropped slightly, am I OK?

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