Q and A

Starting treatment

How long have I been living with HIV?

When can I take my ART?

Can I keep my status a secret?

I don’t want to start treatment…

Can I take efavirenz at midnight?

Will vaginal sores go away if I start treatment?

Will my pills still work if I keep them in a weekly box?

Why is my viral load not undetectable?

What will happen to me if my boyfriend is taking Acriptega and I don’t?

I have a rash on my face after 3 months on treatment.

Am I at risk of colds if my CD4 count was only 1?

I am 18 and stopped ART and don’t know what to do next?

Will I be okay if I have symptoms after two weeks on ART?

Are my viral load changes effective when not on ART?

What is the best ART?

Can I have a low viral load and CD4 count?

Will starting ARVs again work?

Why is my body itchy all over?

Starting treatment 6 months into my pregnancy….

Will starting HIV meds at 4 weeks protect my baby.

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