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Access to treatment

I can’t access treatment for a few weeks and i’m pregnant…

How do I restart my treatment?

Can I buy ARVs in the UK?

I have not taken Biktarvy for a month…

Can I go back to my old clinic?

Can I get injectable ART in the UK – and do I really need ART?

What HIV organisations are available in SA?

Are Emtevir and Tenvir the same meds?

My clinic has offered me injectable ART – is this as good as pills?

What will happen if I restart ART after two months?

How do I access treatment in Australia?

What happens if I miss TLD for a month?

Is injectable ART available in the UK?

Can I get ART if I move to Poland to work?

Can I alternate between HIV medication?

How can I extend my trip without my current medication?

Can I restart medication after 6 years?

Should I postpone a romantic evening after missing my medication?

How can I access treatment as a student in the US?

Where can we access treatment in Spain?

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