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Access to treatment

Are Atrozia and Odimune the same thing?

When will long-acting injections be available in the UK?

Can I get a COVID-19 vaccine without going through by GP?

Are monthly injectable ARVs available in the UK?

Can I stay on the same ART combination forever?

How do you take TLD?

Are Atrozia and Heftenam the same thing?

If the COVID-19 vaccine is lifesaving, why is not available to everyone in the world?

Are generics as good as branded ARVs?

How much do ARVs cost in the US?

I want to move to the UK, can I still get ARVs?

Can vegans take PrEP?

UPDATED: Why face masks to prevent COVID-19 might now be recommended…

I am stranded abroad due to coronavirus and running short of meds

I am in UK due to coronavirus and my HIV meds are running out…

I’ve ran out off meds, can I get them from a pharmacy?

Is PrEP affected by the new coronavirus and COVID-19?

I’m moving to the UK, where can I access ARVs?

I’ve ran out of meds, can I use my old ones for a few days?

Is dolutegravir/lamivudine single pill (Dovato) available in the UK yet?

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