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Access to treatment

Can I use other medications if I cannot access Ranega?

Am I at risk if I have not been on treatment for 10 years?

What can I do if my newborn missed nevirapine for 3 weeks?

Can I restart meds after a break?

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Switching from Aluiva and Dumiva to Acriptega…

Will I become detectable again?

I am going without meds for 2 weeks…

Can I carry meds with me to the UK?

Should I add a third drug for PEP?

What treatment do I need to start?

Is my treatment effective?

I forgot my meds on holiday?

Question about UK visa application and previous HIV care

Where do I get ARVs in the UK?

How do I start my medication?

How do I access treatment in the UK?

My son has been without his meds for a few weeks…

Can I ration 90 biktarvy pills to cover 99 days?

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