Q and A

Access to treatment

Are there long-term effects from missing ART for a month?

Why are my meds now a different colour?

Is there info on healthcare for recent migrants from Ukraine

Should I use Atroiza as PEP?

Should I switch from Evliplera to Delstrigo?

Can Truvada be used as PEP?

When will injectable ART be available on the NHS?

Can I get HIV medication delivered?

Is Odimune PEP?

I don’t have control over my health.

Can I switch from Luvigen to Acriptega?

I forgot my ARVs at home.

I can no longer afford ARVs.

Using expired ARVs

Switched from TLE to TLD. Now I feel worse.

Can I switch from TEE to TLD?

Can I bring medication into the USA?

Can I study in Malaysia?

Who can collect my HIV medication?

After living away from the UK am I still entitled to NHS HIV care?

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