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Supplements and herbs

My viral load increased after COVID…

Does TLD and vitamin D3 interact?

I have insomnia and bone loss?

Will horny goat weed supplements interact with ARVs?

Can I take Korean Ginseng 8 hours after ARVs?

Does Biotin interact with TLD?

Interactions between TLD and glutathione…

Is it safe to smoke Marijuana immediately after taking ART?

Detox drinks… arghhhhhhhhhh!

Can magnesium reduce how well ARVs work?

Will multivitamins improve my CD4 count?

Will PEP and Vitamin D3 interact?

Can Raltegravir be taken with supplements?

Is 6 hours long enough to avoid treatment and supplement interaction?

Do I need to eat calcium rich foods at a different time to taking treatment?

I have taken calcium supplements with TLD…

Do I have to boil Phytomed first?

Does Phytomed help?

Can I take vitamin D and Calcium alongside Truvada?

Can I take Lerumo Lamadi with ARVs?

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