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Supplements and herbs

Can I take vitamin D and Calcium alongside Truvada?

Can I take Lerumo Lamadi with ARVs?

Do I need to take a Vitamin D supplement in a hot country?

Can I take Odimune with multivitamins?

Can I take ARVs with Immunadue?

Peripheral neuropathy from taking D4T (stavudine).

When can I recommence my garlic supplement?

Chromium Picolinate and dolutegravir.

Is it safe to use creatine monohydrate while I am using Biktarvy?

Do supplements affect Tb and HIV treatment?

Dolutagravir and Magnesium supplements.

Can I drink water when taking my ARVs?

Does Biogen CLA3000 interact with ARV treatment?

Can I take black seeds with my HIV medication?

Is it safe to take Luvigen when pregnant?

Is it OK to drink Sela Herbal Tea when using Acriptega?

Can I use an immune booster or do I need to change treatment?

What causes virus to increase although you use ARVs?

Is it safe to take supplements and ARVs while pregnant

Can you drink aloe vera when using Triumeq?

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