Q and A

Supplements and herbs

Will immune boosters prevent me from getting COVID-19?

Will honey increase my CD4?

I’d like to take my meds at a different time, is this OK?

Are immune boosters any good?

Will nigella seeds help my CD4 count?

Featured Has my question already been answered?

Is it ok to use centrum?

Is Senna Tea safe to drink?

Is it OK to use Dianabol?

I am HIV positive – can I drink alcohol or eat pork?

How can I decrease my viral load?

Can coconut oil help bring my viral load down?

Will herbal remedies interact with my ARVs?

Is lemon Juice good for someone with HIV?

How can I boost my CD4 count without ARVs?

I’m vegan with high cholesterol. Are my meds the cause?

Questions about Immunadue

How can I increase my CD4 count without ARVs?

Why have I gained so much weight?

Will “immune boosters” help my CD4 count?

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