Q and A

Supplements and herbs

Do I need to eat calcium rich foods at a different time to taking treatment?

I have taken calcium supplements with TLD…

Do I have to boil Phytomed first?

Does Phytomed help?

Can I take vitamin D and Calcium alongside Truvada?

Can I take Lerumo Lamadi with ARVs?

Do I need to take a Vitamin D supplement in a hot country?

Can I take Odimune with multivitamins?

Can I take ARVs with Immunadue?

Peripheral neuropathy from taking D4T (stavudine).

When can I recommence my garlic supplement?

Chromium Picolinate and dolutegravir.

Is it safe to use creatine monohydrate while I am using Biktarvy?

Do supplements affect Tb and HIV treatment?

Dolutagravir and Magnesium supplements.

Can I drink water when taking my ARVs?

Does Biogen CLA3000 interact with ARV treatment?

Can I take black seeds with my HIV medication?

Is it safe to take Luvigen when pregnant?

Is it OK to drink Sela Herbal Tea when using Acriptega?

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