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Sexual health

Do ARVs cause you to bleed when you have sex?

Will not using condoms or recent ART cause weight loss?

I am HIV and my partner is negative and we can’t enjoy sex…

My wife’s positive, I’m negative, how can I protect myself?

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Will syphilis cause my CD4 to drop?

I’m undetectable and worried about transmission to my partner..

Can a person who is undetectable transmit HIV by vaginal sex?

Can I get HIV from my undetectable partner?

Why have I not put on weight?

Can HIV be transmitted through a condom?

Will syphilis treatment make HIV treatment cause a late rash?

I am on Tribuss, can i still have children?

My husband said he is “thinking about it”

Why does stigma still stop me telling my boyfriend?

Should I be worried about CD4 decrease?

Did erectile dysfunction drugs cause viral load increase?

Are condoms effective protection against herpes?

I am HIV positive and suffering from recurrent herpes simplex.

Why do I keep getting rejected if I say I am positive?

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