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Drug interactions

Are there interactions between TLD and levonorgestrel?

Can I use fitness supplements with my HIV meds?

Can I take ARVs with Immunadue?

Will dolutegravir effect how much Metformin my body absorbs?

I am experiencing potential symptoms while on PEP.

Is it okay to eat before and after taking my ARVs?

Can I have dermal fillers while on ARVs?

Interaction between Atripla and Yasmin (oral contraceptive pill).

When can I recommence my garlic supplement?

Do doxcycline, Truvada and Tivacay interact?

Chromium Picolinate and dolutegravir.

Do PrEP and omeprazole interact?

Is there an interaction between Biktarvy, Aloe, and Ginseng?

Can I use Atroiza and Tenolam?

Is it safe to use creatine monohydrate while I am using Biktarvy?

TLD and magnesium.

Why do I need to take Aciptega and Novatrim at different times?

Do Eltvir and Loratadine interact?

Interaction between Biktarvy and topical Betamethasone.

Is it safe to take azithromycin (Zithromax) and atripla (Truvista)?

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