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Drug interactions

Will the implant work effectively if you are on ARV’s?

Can I take MDMA?

Will PEP interact with my PID treatment?

What if PEP includes atazanavir and I also take omeprazole?

Can people living with HIV use mifepristone tablet?

Can I use HIV and herpes meds at the same time?

Can I take painkillers with ART?

Can doxycicline be taken with ARVs?

Can I use terbinafine while on PrEP?

Can I use Phytomed supplement on ART?

Can I take TLD with evening primrose oil?

Can I take my pill if I am drunk?

What can I eat while taking lamivudine and zidovudine?

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Can I take Acriptega and Indapamide together?

Will the MMR vaccine interact with Cabenuva?

Does Trenvir and Apetito pills interact?

What is the right dosage of Acriptega for PEP?

Will a probiotic interfere with treatment?

Will grapeseed supplement interact with my treatment?

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