Q and A

Drug interactions

Biktarvy, Bactrim and Atorvastatin…

Interaction between TLD and lansoprazole?

Can you take PrEP if you’re on Levothyroxine?

Interaction between TLD and dexamethasone?

Can I take cefuroxime, tramadol and ARVs together?

Does TLD and vitamin D3 interact?

Interaction between lamivudine and atenolol?

Will horny goat weed supplements interact with ARVs?

Can I use a nasal spray if taking TLD?

Chia seeds and TLD…

Can I take whey protein and/or fish oils while on TLD?

Can I take Korean Ginseng 8 hours after ARVs?

Does Biotin interact with TLD?

How do I take supplements without them interacting with my ARVs?

Doavato and zinc interaction…

Can I take diabetic tablets while on PEP?

Can I take an ant-acid before PrEP?

Does Viagra interact with TLD?

Can I give my baby Buscopan?

Interactions between TLD and glutathione…

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