Q and A

Drug interactions

Does TLD interact with Eperisone?

Can I take Zinc with Biktarvy?

Apetito to gain weight?

Can Raltegravir be taken with supplements?

Can I take Pepto-Bismol and ART 6 hours apart?

Interactions between TLD, escitalopram and clonazepam?

Interaction between Xanax and Dovato?

Does alcohol have an effect on TLD?

What is the interaction between Biktarvy and Iron supplements?

Is 6 hours long enough to avoid treatment and supplement interaction?

Is my eating schedule affecting my treatment?

Are there interactions between ivermectin and Atripla?

When can I take Biktarvy?

I have taken calcium supplements with TLD…

Can I take Eviplura alongside Pregnacare?

Can traditional medication stop co-trimoxazole working?

Can I eat grapefruit or take St Johns Wort with HIV meds?

Can I routinely take pain meds with oral PrEP?

Do supplements interact with oral PrEP?

Can I drink tea and coffee with my meds?

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