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Will taking PrEP effect HIV testing?

Is unprotected sex safe after a course of PEP?

Do I need PEP if I was a few hours late with PrEP?

Should I start PrEP if I am not yet sexually active?

My viral load is undetectable, is there a risk if I have sex without a condom?

Can on-demand (2:1:1) PrEP be used by straight men? or women?

Will antibiotics make PrEP less effective?

Will antibiotics make PrEP less effective?

Can I take multivitamins while taking PrEP?

Can I get cheaper or prescribed PrEP in the UK?

Do I need PEP if I only took on-demand PrEP an hour before?

Will taking PrEP late work with on demand dosing?

Will HIV PrEP using TD/FTC work for COVID-19?

Is PrEP affected by the new coronavirus and COVID-19?

What meds can I use to protect myself for HIV?

My partner is HIV positive…

Will HIV test window period before PrEP lead to drug resistance?

Is there any difference between PEP and PrEP?

Are drug levels in penile tissue important for PrEP?

Can I take ARVs if I’m not positive?

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