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If I am on ART am I protected from reinfection?

Is Acriptega PrEP?

I was late with my third dose of PrEP. What should I do?

Late with on-demand PrEP…

I take PrEP within 1.5 hours of my normal time each night…

How long does PEP work after finishing the course?

Will PrEP still be effective if i’m in a hot climate?

Can I do on-demand PrEP as 1-1-1 dosing?

Do I need to take PEP?

Have I taken on-demand PrEP correctly?

What if I was an hour late for the first dose of PrEP?

Can ART be used as PrEP or PEP?

Has on-demand Prep worked?

Switch from daily to on-demand PrEP?

Am I protected if I had an exposure on my last day of PEP?

Do I need to restart on-demand PrEP?

I am on PrEP and have a boil on my vagina…

How long do I need to take PEP?

Do I need to re-start event based PrEP?

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