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Side effects

My new meds need to be taken in the morning and not at night?

Can I go back to Trenvir (efavirenz-based ART) in Reydin (dolutegravir-based) is difficult?

I have been losing weight while on ARVs, is there anything I can do?

I have just been diagnosed and my doctor didn’t explain CD4 or viral load.

Can I be on PEP and have a baby with my positive partner?

Is it okay to eat before and after taking my ARVs?

Why do I still feel sick after being on ARVs for 2 weeks?

Can I take ARVs and drive?

Is Odimune PEP?

I have darker skin since becoming HIV positive.

Peripheral neuropathy from taking D4T (stavudine).

I am experiencing side effects from Odimune.

Does Ranega cause sleeplessness?

Atenef as PEP?

When can I take my ARVs?

Is hair loss a side effect of TLD?

Will using HIV ARVs make me HIV positive?

Taking an overdose of TLD.

I finished PEP. Now I have symptoms?

HIV and depression.

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