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Side effects

Risk of transmission, high BP and other side effects…

My blood sugar levels have increased on Biktarvy…

I’ve been on ARVs since 2005 but my legs are thin?

Can I eat after taking Atroiza? (with efavirenz)

I am loosing weight after being on ART for 9 years

Should I just put up with feeling dizzy on efavirenz?

I am a man and my breasts got larger on ART – what can i do?

Is it a problem if you get a rash when you start taking ARVs?

Do you get a rash when you take ARVs?

Do ARVs make you dizzy?

Does Atrozia cause weight loss?

What are the side effects of Immunadue?

Can dolutegravir add to anxiety?

Can integrase inhibitors increase weight and can I switch back?

I am getting new problems after starting ART with a low CD4 count

Are hearing problems related to HIV or TB meds?

Is there a difference between Atripla, Odimune, Rizene and Tribuss etc

Is vaginal dryness a side effect of ARVs?

Why do I feel so lightheaded when taking ARVs?

What are the side effects of ARVs?

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