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Side effects

Is TLD safe for kidneys?

I am waking up with a dry mouth…

I have a new rash over my body…

Can Triumeq add to anxiety in people who are bipolar?

Sleep problems with lamivudine?

Do ARVs increase the risk of hypertension, especially in women?

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Can I take Acriptega and Indapamide together?

I took a double dose…

Are blisters a sign of drug resistance?

Will switching treatment help me lose weight?

Is Luvigen safe during pregnancy?

Do I need to complete PEP for 28 days?

Is being HIV positive why I have hepatic steatosis?

I have been living with HIV for 10 years…

Which ARVs cause less insomnia?

I have been given Kocitaf for PEP?

Why have I been feeling ill since starting treatment?

What can I used instead of Acriptega to protect my kidneys?

What happens if I stop Rizene?

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