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Side effects

Biktarvy, Bactrim and Atorvastatin…

Tenofovir DF vs Tenofovir AF

Can I marry someone HIV negative?

Can I switch from TDF to TAF?

Are my ARVs causing me to still have pain?

I have insomnia and bone loss?

Can Biktarvy cause an increase in liver enzymes?

My daughter needs to go to hopsital because of swollen feet…

I have insomnia after switching to TLD…

Does TLD cause arthritis?

I have gained weight in the last month…

Can co-trimoxazole reduce my CD4 count?

Should I stop ART if I have put on so much weight?

Elevated level of sgot and sgpt on PEP?

What happens if you take TLD in the afternoon?

I am losing fat and muscle and have numbness in my limbs…

Will not being on treatment for 5 weeks cause me to lose weight?

Are yellow stools okay on PEP?

Can switching from Trenvir have caused my mood disturbances?

Does Biktarvy cause problems with skin?

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