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Side effects

Will Atroiza cause me to miscarry?

What can I do to avoid the side effects of PEP?

I have man boobs…

New back pain after starting PEP…

Would previous pills stopping milk production, prevent me breastfeeding my second child?

Using Stribild as PEP…

Will being late with PEP cause a rash?

I feel weak and nauseous after taking treatment?

Does Dovato cause oesophageal hypersensitivity?

Is ear congestion a side effect of Triumeq?

I have a small rash on my feet. Is this caused by PEP?

I have a rash on my face after 3 months on treatment.

I am 18 and stopped ART and don’t know what to do next?

Will I be okay if I have symptoms after two weeks on ART?

What can I do about weight gain on ART with dolutegravir

Does TLD reduce fertility?

When is the best time to take Ranega?

Are cold symptoms a side effect of PEP?

Is PEP working if I don’t have side effects?

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