Q and A

Side effects

I have a small rash on my feet. Is this caused by PEP?

I have a rash on my face after 3 months on treatment.

I am 18 and stopped ART and don’t know what to do next?

Will I be okay if I have symptoms after two weeks on ART?

What can I do about weight gain on ART with dolutegravir

Does TLD reduce fertility?

When is the best time to take Ranega?

Are cold symptoms a side effect of PEP?

Is PEP working if I don’t have side effects?

Can TLD cause muscle pain?

What is the best ART?

Are there long term effects from taking Biktarvy as PEP?

Can I take Odimune in the evening?

My skin changes after being bitten by a mosquito…

Is it common to have night sweats while on ART?

Does dolutegravir risk a neural tube defect in my baby?

Why is my body itchy all over?

Do I have to take Luvigen in the morning?

How do I access treatment in the UK?

Are rashes a sign of HIV while I am on PEP?

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