Q and A

Side effects

Are the mood side effects of efavirenz reversible?

Is my treatment effective?

Can I take my booster before Rifafour?

Can I switch back from Biktarvy to TLD?

Does TLD cause lipodystrophy?

Why does Telatri make me feel sick?

Are there any ARVs that don’t cause sleep disorders?

I am on Luvigen and my feet are swelling…

Has starting treatment caused problems with sleep?

Are muscle aches caused by TLD?

Has switching treatments caused my body to change?

Biktarvy, Bactrim and Atorvastatin…

Tenofovir DF vs Tenofovir AF

Can I marry someone HIV negative?

Can I switch from TDF to TAF?

Are my ARVs causing me to still have pain?

I have insomnia and bone loss?

Can Biktarvy cause an increase in liver enzymes?

My daughter needs to go to hopsital because of swollen feet…

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