Q and A

Living with HIV long-term

Is ART treatment for a lifetime?

Is it too late for me to restart ART?

Can positive people exercise?

What does a non-detectable viral load mean?

Will anti-inflammatory foods help if I am on ART?

Does being diagnosed in your 30s mean you will die in your 50s?

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Are HIV positive people at higher risk for coronavirus and COVID-19?

What are guidelines for pneumococcal and flu vaccines during COVID-19 crisis?

What is the timeline for HIV cure research?

How long do I need to use ARVs for?

Can HIV positive people increase muscle mass?

What is the best food if you are HIV positive?

What does the latest cure case mean for me?

What will happen if I stop meds for other health issues?

Who can I speak to about being an HIV elite controller?

Can I stop ART if I am depressed?

Is U=U really true?

How long can I live if I’m taking HIV treatment (ART)?

I’m on ART but worry about inflammation and long-term health…

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