Q and A

Living with HIV long-term

Why have I been labelled as ‘vulnerable’?

Can a vaccine boost my CD4 count?

Will starting ART stop be losing weight?

Do AIDS defining infections occur at high CD4 counts?

I am an HIV positive nurse. Which countries can I move to?

Can positive people marry?

Can I live six years without treating HIV?

How long can HIV hide before showing symptoms?

I am loosing weight after being on ART for 9 years

Is ART treatment for a lifetime?

Is it too late for me to restart ART?

Can positive people exercise?

What does a non-detectable viral load mean?

Will anti-inflammatory foods help if I am on ART?

Does being diagnosed in your 30s mean you will die in your 50s?

UPDATED: Why face masks to prevent COVID-19 might now be recommended…

Are HIV positive people at higher risk for coronavirus and COVID-19?

What are guidelines for pneumococcal and flu vaccines during COVID-19 crisis?

What is the timeline for HIV cure research?

How long do I need to use ARVs for?

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