Q and A

Living with HIV long-term

Why has my CD4 count dropped when I switched doctors?

What vaccines do I need?

I skipped treatment for 2 years and am depressed.

I have insomnia and bone loss?

How can I calm my anxiety about my treatment?

Is my foot rash related to HIV?

Is the HPV vaccine safe for people living with HIV?

How do I tell my partner I am positive?

Can I live a long live if my CD4 was 62 when diagnosed?

Does HIV treatment cure HIV?

Does HIV cause neurocognitive impairment on ART?

Side effects make me not want to take ART?

Do I need to undergo cancer screening?

I am experiencing night sweats…

I don’t want to start treatment…

Apetito to gain weight?

Will my CD4 count ever get higher than 100?

I have man boobs…

Ageing and HIV…

How often should my blood tests be monitored?

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