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Sero different couples

How do I tell my partner I am positive?

Is my unborn baby safe?

I tested positive but my RNA copies are not detectable…

Can I have sex with my partner without a condom?

Can I live with my partner if I am HIV positive?

Is it possible to sleep with someone HIV positive and not get HIV?

My wife has changed since learning I am HIV positive

My wife is HIV positive…

Do I need to stop my marriage?

Am I at risk of further exposure if I am on PEP?

Can I have a baby without passing on HIV to my wife?

Should I postpone a romantic evening after missing my medication?

Should my partner tell me they are HIV positive?

Am I at risk of HIV from my husband?

Is my HIV negative partner at risk?

Is my boyfriend at risk?

I think I have passed on HIV to my partner.

Does ART reduce the risk of transmission?

Will my partner pass on HIV?

Can I transmit HIV if my viral load is 63?

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