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Sero different couples

I have been switched to Reydin from a pink tablet?

My partner is using Acriptega…

Why are me and the baby not HIV positive?

How long do I need to take PEP?

Can I sleep with my boyfriend without a condom?

Do I need to use condoms if I am on PrEP?

I have unprotected sex with my husband…

Can I have a baby with my HIV positive partner?

Am I at risk if I am taking PrEP?

Should I have told my partner?

Do I need PEP if my partner is on treatment?

Does my wife need more testing after 40 days?

Can I hide my status from my partner?

Do I need PEP if my partner is on ART?

Will I need to use PrEP for the rest of my life?

What will happen to me if my boyfriend is taking Acriptega and I don’t?

What if I haven’t talked to my partner about HIV?

How can I be positive and my husband and children be negative?

How do I tell my partner I am positive?

Is my unborn baby safe?

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