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Sero different couples

Can I get HIV from someone who has been on treatment for 4 months?

My boyfriend told me he is HIV negative but I have now tested positive.

My wife tested positive and is telling me I passed HIV onto her.

Why did my partner test positive when I tested negative?

How am I positive and my partners and children all test negative?

Can I have sex with my partner who is HIV positive?

Should I be concerned about sexual fluids if I am undetectable?

Why has my boyfriend not contracted HIV?

I have just been diagnosed and my doctor didn’t explain CD4 or viral load.

Is my partner still safe if my viral load is 100?

My CD4 count has dropped while having unprotected sex with my partner.

Can I be on PEP and have a baby with my positive partner?

I have just found out I am HIV positive. My partner is unsure if he wants to stay.

My partner is taking ARVs and I didn’t know.

Can I marry someone who is HIV positive?

My partner is HIV negative.

I found pills labelled ‘RF21’.

Should I tell my boyfriend I am HIV positive?

What should I do now my wife has tested positive?

My partner wants to stop PrEP.

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