Q and A

Newly diagnosed

Can I use USN Phedracut sliming packs?

Should I stop Bactrim now my CD4 count is above 200?

I am losing fat and muscle and have numbness in my limbs…

Will not being on treatment for 5 weeks cause me to lose weight?

Can I pass on HIV if I am undetectable?

Does HIV treatment cure HIV?

Am I positive or negative?

Does my CD4 count result mean I have HIV?

How long will it take for my CD4 count to recover?

How long have I been living with HIV?

When can I take my ART?

Can I keep my status a secret?

Has my girlfriend recently become HIV positive?

Will my CD4 count ever get higher than 100?

Will treatment suppress my viral load?

Am I at risk of getting ill?

Why is my partner not positive?

Is my eating schedule affecting my treatment?

I tested positive after PEP…

Will I die from AIDS?

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