Q and A

Newly diagnosed

I’m pregnant and just been diagnosed, will my baby be OK?

Can I live six years without treating HIV?

How long can HIV hide before showing symptoms?

Diagnosed after an eye test and given Odimune

My parents have just been diagnosed HIV positive

Recently diagnosed – why didn’t the clinic tell me about my husband?

How can I choose a clinic in the UK?

I’ve just been diagnosed, I’m 8 months pregnant, what should I do?

Are these results on treatment good and what about CD8?

I was diagnosed with shingles and HIV – can I get a second opinion?

Can my CD4 and viral load show when I became HIV positive?

I am getting new problems after starting ART with a low CD4 count

Did my husband only recently became positive with these CD4 and viral load results?

Is it normal for VL to drop from 4 million to 200 but then increase again?

I’ve just been diagnosed, will my baby be OK?

I’m using ARVs, can I drink alcohol?

Can I tell my boyfriend after being on meds for a month?

Can I drink cola or other soda?

Can dolutegravir cause anxiety?

Newly diagnosed with CD4 200 and viral load 375,000

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