Q and A

Newly diagnosed

Should I take Aluvia?

How high should my CD4 count be?

Why do I need to take Aciptega and Novatrim at different times?

What do my test results mean?

What should I do now my wife has tested positive?

My viral load is 10 million copies/mL in seroconversion…

I found D100 pills in my girlfriends bag.

I’m HIV positive. I’ve just found out i’m pregnant.

Does my diet need to change being HIV positive?

When does HIV become AIDS?

Do supplements affect Tb and HIV treatment?

Starting ARV’s midway through pregnancy.

Why has my CD4 count reduced while i’m on medication?

I tested positive and my husband tested negative.

What does Log 10 RNA value mean?

Will starting ART stop be losing weight?

I’m pregnant and just been diagnosed, will my baby be OK?

Can I live six years without treating HIV?

How long can HIV hide before showing symptoms?

Diagnosed after an eye test and given Odimune

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