Q and A


Can integrase inhibitors increase weight and can I switch back?

Are HIV positive people at higher risk for coronavirus and COVID-19?

Can I still study and work – and will life ever be the same?

What do it mean if your CD4 count is 200 or less?

I have meds but haven’t taken them yet…

How does HIV affect lymph nodes in the body, and for how long?

Will not using condoms or recent ART cause weight loss?

What are my choices for HIV drugs in Birmingham?

Is my partner at risk if I’ve been on ART for ten years?

I’m on ART but worry about inflammation and long-term health…

My gf learned she is positive but my results are negative…

What is the risk from one time with my positive boyfriend?

Can I change to a simple combination? can I just stop a drug?

I am HIV and my partner is negative and we can’t enjoy sex…

My partner blames me for her positive test result but I am negative…

I want to marry HIV positive woman in India

Can HIV positive people from India study in the UK?

Do I have to tell a potential employer about HIV in Thailand?

My boyfriend won’t test and I am worried he might be positive?

How can I find a negative partner?

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