Q and A


How can I access NewFill while not living in London?

Are there long-term effects from missing ART for a month?

What if someone attempts suicide by taking an overdose of HIV meds?

Why are my meds now a different colour?

Can you give advice about choices for my family?

How long will I live if I am 18 and just started ART?

How do I check the markings on HIV tablets?

Where can I meet HIV positive women for a partner?

My boyfriend took off the condom and I am on PrEP…

Can an HIV positive person study in Malaysia?

Is there info on healthcare for recent migrants from Ukraine

What is the point? All I do is create utility bills.

Condom broke having sex with my parents?

I have just found out I am HIV positive. My partner is unsure if he wants to stay.

Peripheral neuropathy from taking D4T (stavudine).

I don’t have control over my health.

Should someone with HIV marry?

I can no longer afford ARVs.

Taking an overdose of TLD.

HIV and depression.

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