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South Africa

How do I tell my partner I am positive?

Just to say I am doing well on ART…

Is a negative HIV test four weeks after PEP okay?

Do I have TB?

Can I use weight loss supplements when on HIV treatment?

Any info on HIV and teaching jobs in Thailand and Laos?

My boyfriend has horrible views about HIV

Do I need to take ARVs as well as TB meds with a high CD4 count?

Can I routinely take pain meds with oral PrEP?

Am I at risk of colds if my CD4 count was only 1?

Will changing the time I take PEP be important?

What can I do about weight gain on ART with dolutegravir

What will happen if I restart ART after two months?

How long should I breastfeed my baby?

Can I restart my medication in South Africa?

Where to access ART in Cape Town.

How much are ARVs at Unjani clinic?

Where can I access ARVs in Durban?

I’m undetectable. Is it safe to have sex with someone not taking ARVs?

My viral load is now 125 after being undetectable for a year…

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