Q and A

South Africa

How long should I breastfeed my baby?

Can I restart my medication in South Africa?

Where to access ART in Cape Town.

How much are ARVs at Unjani clinic?

Where can I access ARVs in Durban?

I’m undetectable. Is it safe to have sex with someone not taking ARVs?

My viral load is now 125 after being undetectable for a year…

Should I worried about this viral load on efavirenz and Dumiva?

Are there interactions between TLD and levonorgestrel?

What if someone attempts suicide by taking an overdose of HIV meds?

Why are my meds now a different colour?

Can you give advice about choices for my family?

Can I restart ART now if I stopped five years ago?

Can I go back to Trenvir (efavirenz-based ART) in Reydin (dolutegravir-based) is difficult?

My baby spits his nevirapine meds…

Can I get HIV medication delivered?

I forgot my ARVs at home.

Can I breastfeed if diagnosed in pregnancy? I am in South Africa…

Can I switch from TEE to TLD?

I gave birth early. Is my baby at risk?

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