Q and A

South Africa

How long will it take for my viral load to become undetectable?

What is the difference between Tribuss and Telatri?

Can HIV positive people join the police in South Africa?

Was my partner at risk?

What are the side effects of Immunadue?

Feedback to i-Base after a year….

Which of these multivitamins is best?

Is a negative HIV test four weeks after PEP okay?

Does being diagnosed in your 30s mean you will die in your 50s?

Is Novatrim the same as nevirapine and zidovudine?

Did my husband only recently became positive with these CD4 and viral load results?

Is there a difference between Atripla, Odimune, Rizene and Tribuss etc

Can I work as a police officer even if I have HIV in South Africa?

Why is Tribuss making me feel so drowsy?

Should I check is my CD4 count is up?

Do I have resistance to Atripla from shift work?

I’m 6 months pregnant. Is it safe to delay starting treatment?

What is the risk of HIV transmission through oral sex?

Why have I been given Tribuss – is this an ARV?

Can I change from breastfeeding my baby to formula milk?

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