Q and A

CD4 and viral load

How high should my CD4 count be?

What do my test results mean?

Can I test while I am on PEP?

Can I have an HIV negative baby?

Why have I been labelled as ‘vulnerable’?

My viral load is 10 million copies/mL in seroconversion…

Am I undetectable after a year of ARVs?

Can I stop treatment now that I am undetectable?

My viral load is 500.

I’m HIV positive. I’ve just found out i’m pregnant.

When does HIV become AIDS?

Does a detectable viral load mean HIV resistance?

My partner wants to stop PrEP.

I missed a dose of medication. Is my partner at risk?

Will the body produce antibodies with an undetectable viral load?

How long will it take to be undetecable?

How can I improve my CD4 count?

Starting ARV’s midway through pregnancy.

Why has my CD4 count reduced while i’m on medication?

What does it mean when my CD4 count goes up?

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