Q and A

CD4 and viral load

Will I stay undetectable if I stop taking meds?

Should I be worried about a small increase in viral load?

Do I need to stop my marriage?

Can I have a baby without passing on HIV to my wife?

Is my baby going to test positive?

Should I start ARVs if my viral load is low?

My CD4 count is 220. Can I transmit HIV?

Can I restart medication after 6 years?

I tested positive while pregnant…

Should I postpone a romantic evening after missing my medication?

How quickly does CD4 count after being positive?

Will missing ARVs for 5 days risk my undetectable status?

Will starting ARVs again work?

Will ARVs still work if I have not used them for a while?

If I am not on ART will my baby have HIV?

Why is my body itchy all over?

My friend has stopped taking her medication. What can I do?

Am I at risk of HIV from my husband?

Will the flu affect my blood work?

Is my HIV negative partner at risk?

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