Q and A

CD4 and viral load

Is there transmission risk to my baby?

How do I increase my CD4 count?

Can I pass on HIV if I have been on treatment for 5 months?

Viral load went from undetectable to 58 000…

Will my baby be okay?

Can viral load and CD4 count go up together?

I have missed my medication by 5 days…

I am losing fat and muscle and have numbness in my limbs…

How do I maintain U=U?

Will not being on treatment for 5 weeks cause me to lose weight?

Can I pass on HIV if I am undetectable?

Does HIV treatment cure HIV?

Is it too late to start treatment?

Will multivitamins improve my CD4 count?

Side effects make me not want to take ART?

Why are me and the baby not HIV positive?

A 50000 viral load blip…

Will I be okay without meds for 2 weeks?

Does my CD4 count result mean I have HIV?

Is it possible for a HIV positive male to have a HIV negative child?

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