Q and A

CD4 and viral load

My partner and I are both undetectable, can I be reinfected if we don’t use condoms?

My viral load is 19, should I be worried?

My viral load has risen to 89 copies/mL, is this OK?

My CD4 is 280, will it get any higher?

My viral of is undetectable and my CD4 is 650, am I OK?

I’m positive, what’s my life expectancy?

Can vegans take PrEP?

Do CD4 counts fluctuate?

Is it possible for me to see or search for my blood test results?

Should I worry about this drop in my CD4% and CD4?

Can my CD4 and viral load show when I became HIV positive?

I am getting new problems after starting ART with a low CD4 count

Will my CD4 count increase to higher levels?

Is transmission a risk with a very low viral load if I am not on ART

Should I worry about CD4 changes at a high level?

Did my husband only recently became positive with these CD4 and viral load results?

Can positive people marry and have a family?

How quickly does viral load drop on treatment?

Will eating healthy increase my CD4 count?

Is it normal for VL to drop from 4 million to 200 but then increase again?

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