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CD4 and viral load

Will HIV gradually effect my brain?

Can U=U apply before 6 months?

How long until my viral load is undetectable?

My relative has psychosis and fluctuating viral load?

Do I need ART if my CD4 is still above 500 after 24 years?

What if CD4 never goes above 200 on ART?

How long does it take to increase the CD4 from less than 50?

Are there risks from my CD4 not increasing?

Is it too late to prevent transmission to baby?

How long will it take for my CD4 count to recover?

Will IVF prevent infant transmission?

Featured Has my question already been answered?

What do my results mean?

Can I have a baby?

What does ‘161’ mean?

Is my partner at risk if I missed my treatment?

Can I have sex without a condom?

Switching from Aluiva and Dumiva to Acriptega…

I am reticent to start treatment…

How long can I live if I restart medication?

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