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Can I use a Mantoux test for TB with a high CD4 count?

Will ART appear on a drug test?

How long does Atripla remain in the body?

Why has my viral load not improved on ART?

How can I be resistant to an old drug if I only just tested HIV?

What HIV history is important if I am moving to a new country?

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What is a normal CD4 count, CD4% and CD4:CD8 ratio?

Can I have the HEP vaccine?

Are my ARVs causing my liver damage?

How many tests are needed to know if a baby is negative?

How long should I wait after a cold before getting my blood test?

Why have I not put on weight?

How will an HIV cure be tested and proved?

Can Tribuss cause double vision?

Will syphilis treatment make HIV treatment cause a late rash?

Could Delta 32 help people with Crohn’s disease?

If I have been prescribed ilvitrim, does it mean I am HIV+?

What time after infection referred to in the context of “early treatment”?

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