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Could Delta 32 help people with Crohn’s disease?

Could Delta 32 help people with Crohn’s disease?



Thanks – interesting question. This service is only about HIV questions though, so we don’t comment on other health conditions unless HIV is a factor.

In general, the genetic mutation called delta-32 the few studies below show that researchers are trying to find out implications of the delta-32 mutation. some of these studies report that it may be protective for some gut and liver complications and others that it may increase the risk of other conditions.

This connection to HIV is because the delta-32 mutation is protective against catching HIV. Also, one HIV drug (called maraviroc) works by blocking this receptor on CD4 cells (preventing HIV from entering the cell).

At a quick look at the studies below, the relationship is going the wrong way for this information to be able to help people with Crohn’s disease. This is because having this mutation may increase the risk for Crohn’s – other research might not agree with this though. The mutation is genetic and so would need gene therapy to change this.

Also, the current CCR5-inhibitor drug would be taking people in the wrong direction. It makes someone similar to having this deletion which may increase the the risk of Crohn’s. I haven’t seen this reported as an increased risk by people using maraviroc though.

So this is interesting for you to research, but difficult for us to comment either way.


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