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What HIV history is important if I am moving to a new country?

Hi there, I am moving to a new country for college studies. This means I will have to get a new doctor. I am currently on Atripla – will this also be available?


Hi there

Thanks – you are right that it is important to bring a summary of your medical history if you are moving to a new clinic.

Even with electronic medical records, this is also sometimes important if you are staying in the same country but just changing clinics.

Please see this link to a ‘treatment passport’. You can following this as a guide and even print pages to fill in by hand.

Treatment record/passport:

The most important information is a rough CD4 and VL history, maybe with CD4 ratio and percentage at baseline. Your current results should all be done again at the new clinic. Knowing your history though might be important in the future if you need to change treatment. Please include dates and results plus any treatments.

IF you are moving to the UK, then HIV testing. monitoring and treatment is free, including for students and non-residents,

Please allow the clinic at least a month to register you and get treatment prescribed. This is just because of pressure on services, including changes from COVID-19.

This is why it is good to bring at least one month of meds with you, preferably two if possible, so you have less stress in arranging everything,

The clinic will still test you again for HIV, CD4 and viral load, but bringing a summary of your medical notes will help. This includes when you were diagnosed, your CD4 and viral load history, plus meds and other medical results, Don’t stress for this – but whatever you bring will help.

Please also check the the country you are moving to will be okay for providing HIV care and treatment. Often HIV organisations in the new country will be the best people to talk to.

Finding a clinic:


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