Q and A


Can positive people emigrate to Australia?

Which countries that do not allow HIV positive people to visit?

Which countries are friendly towards positive people?

Is it possible to take ARVs into Chile and Guatemala?

I’m due to travel to Africa, can I have the yellow fever vaccine?

I’m positive, which countries can I work in?

I am stranded abroad due to coronavirus and running short of meds

Can I work in Qatar?

Can I move to the UK even if I’m positive?

Can I stop meds for a week if travelling to Arab Emirates?

I’m positive, can I travel to Malaysia?

Can I work in the UK?

Advice on meds if travelling to Bali via Dubai…

Taking meds into Thailand

Can I move to Australia?

Can HIV positive people visit the UK on a student visa?

Can HIV positive people from India study in the UK?

Do I have to tell a potential employer about HIV in Thailand?

Is HIV an exclusion to permanent residency in New Zealand?

Can I work in the US?

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