Q and A


Which countries are friendly towards positive people?

Is it possible to take ARVs into Chile and Guatemala?

I’m due to travel to Africa, can I have the yellow fever vaccine?

I’m positive, which countries can I work in?

I am stranded abroad due to coronavirus and running short of meds

Can I work in Qatar?

Can I move to the UK even if I’m positive?

Can I stop meds for a week if travelling to Arab Emirates?

I’m positive, can I travel to Malaysia?

Can I work in the UK?

Advice on meds if travelling to Bali via Dubai…

Taking meds into Thailand

Can I move to Australia?

Can HIV positive people visit the UK on a student visa?

Can HIV positive people from India study in the UK?

Do I have to tell a potential employer about HIV in Thailand?

Is HIV an exclusion to permanent residency in New Zealand?

Can I work in the US?

Can you travel to India if you’re positive.

Are there travel restrictions for Vietnam?

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